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Author Topic: Film Fesitval quesitonaire/focus group.  (Read 4352 times)

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Film Fesitval quesitonaire/focus group.
« on: May 17, 2013, 11:33:11 am »
I am conducting research which includes questionnaires into the role of the film festival within the inudustry, could you please help by answering this questionnaire.

Questionnaire for Film festivals – Mark’s assignment research:

1.   What age range do you fit into? (please circle)
5-16          35-45
16-24        45-60
24-35         60+

2. What gender are you? (Please circle)

3. Are you interested in film as a subject?

4.   Would you attend a film festival in your local area?
Yes –

No –

5.   Are you aware of film festivals or public events within your area?

6.      What is it that you feel film festivals bring to the film industry?

7. What is the importance to you of film festivals within the role of the film industry?

8.   Do you feel there are sufficient film festivals for independent film makers and emerging film makers at the present moment in time?

9.   What is your view of financial support from local councils and government schemes; do you feel enough contribution is being given to the arts and media sector of society?

10.   Are there any comments you would like to add?