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Adam Savage & Kayte Sabicer’s Blade Runner Blimp


Adam Savage (co-host of Mythbuster & big fan of Blade Runner) got some help from Kayte Sabicer and built a 1/2 scale model of the Blade Runner blimp complete with lights  and what seems to be everything else (Yes, they do mention the “Ridley is god” thing)




Let’s revisit the Blade Runner filming locations


There are, as you might know some classic landmarks to visit in Los Angeles if you happen to love Blade Runner. A Croatian fan takes us to most of them thru Youtube and he even lets us tag along on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.


More photos of the Blade Runner Blimp (Warner Bros. Studio Tour)


More photos of the Blade Runner Blimp has found their way to the website (All thanks to Paul E Francis (of Chronicle Collectibles) and Clay Brown)

The Blimp are currently available for anyone to see over at Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Los Angeles, I hope that the 262 images that Paul E Francis shares with us will fulfill anybody’s cravings for Blimps.

These photos truly shows us the amount of details that Blade Runner is filled with.


Photos of the Blade Runner Blimp (on display at Warner Bros.)


If you by any chance happen to be in Hollywood, you should take Warner Bros. Studio Tour (costs around $60). Not only will you walk on the backlot where the streets of Los Angeles, 2019 was filmed, You also get to see some Hollywood memorabilia and among those items are the Blimp (whom told everyone to go to the colonies, a message paid for by The Shimago/Dominguez Corporation). Brian Boskind was kind enough to thru the magic of Facebook let me know that the Blimp was there on display and he took some pictures of it that I got his approval to publish.

The blimp is very detailed but is also very hard to get a full and detailed view of in the movie. On these pictures You can see details that I guess not may people has seen before.

Thanks to Brian Boskind for sharing his photos of “The Blade Runner Blimp”

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