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Photos of the Blade Runner Blimp (on display at Warner Bros.)


If you by any chance happen to be in Hollywood, you should take Warner Bros. Studio Tour (costs around $60). Not only will you walk on the backlot where the streets of Los Angeles, 2019 was filmed, You also get to see some Hollywood memorabilia and among those items are the Blimp (whom told everyone to go to the colonies, a message paid for by The Shimago/Dominguez Corporation). Brian Boskind was kind enough to thru the magic of Facebook let me know that the Blimp was there on display and he took some pictures of it that I got his approval to publish.

The blimp is very detailed but is also very hard to get a full and detailed view of in the movie. On these pictures You can see details that I guess not may people has seen before.

Thanks to Brian Boskind for sharing his photos of “The Blade Runner Blimp”

Build your own paper Blade Runner vehicle


The Los Angeles, 2019 Forum member airdave has created two really nice paper models that you can print out, glue & fold into vehicles (Deckard’s Sedan & Ground Spinner) from Blade Runner.

Head on over to the post in the forum to find out more (both are free to download) 🙂

Thanks to airdave for sharing his wonderful paper creations!



Costume designer Charles Knode’s personal Blade Runner portfolio


Yet another one of a kind Blade Runner item can be yours (if you got the money that is). Online auction house has costume designer Charles Knode’s personal “Blade Runner bible” up for sale and starting bid is set to $30.000 for this one of a kind collectible which includes photos of the characters and samples of the fabric used for their clothes.


Click on the link for more images and information

Scott Pettersen’s 12″ Blade Runner Figures


Blade Runner ain’t exactly Star Wars when it comes to finding merchandise. There are however some websites that are fantastic, like Propsummit where creative people can show their prop creations, discuss and help each other create some truly magnificent Blade Runner items for people to collect.


Finding items can be somehow hard (and/or very pricey) but some things are truly wonderful and being unique handmade items made in limited numbers this is understandable. Items like Scott Pettersens Blade Runner figures are just a few of the amazing items being created by artists that truly deserves some recognition for their work.




Not only is he creating very lifelike figures but also finds fabrics for clothing for the 12″ figures that is as close to what we can see in the movie.

I reccomend you to see more of Scott’s amazing work at and read a great interview filled with amazing photographs of his “dolls in action” here



Lego Blaster


Jive Chops Art is the home of an multitalanted artist whom works with all types of art and Lego is one of them. He has built a full size Blaster replica in Lego which is very impressive,




You can see more of his blaster here

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