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Owners manual for your Blaster (.. and more)


Mark Raats, owner of The Blade Runner Blaster WorldCon Blaster Build website has created and published a great looking Owners Manual that you can download and print, it will be a great supplement to your Blade Runner blaster showcase.

You will also find some other printable downloads such as Deckard’s ID and other great looking items.

So, head on over to downloads pages at The Blade Runner Blaster WorldCon Blaster Build website now and get yourself some wonderful and free printable add-ons to your Blade Runner collection.

Source: – The Art Of Blade Runner

More Blade Runner inspired T-shirts


I have earlier told everyone about the online T-shirt store called Last exit to nowehere whom has some neat Blade Runner inspired t-shirt.

Now, they have meet some competition from another similar company called Wake up… Time to Die where you can find some really cool T-shirts designed and inspired by a bunch of classic movies. They currently have three “Blade Runner” inspired t-shirts and a lot of other great designs. They ship worldwide (see their website for full details) with free delivery to the mainland United Kingdom

Voight-Kampff Test

Tyrell Corporation

The Snake Pit £18.00


Final Cut Poster at


The Swedish online store Discshop have finally added the Final Cut poster and another Blade Runner poster to their stock.

You will find the Final Cut poster here and the other Blade Runner poster they have here

Want some Blade Runner Origami ??


I found in one of the threads while I was browsing around over at the Blade Runner Props forum and after ordering and receiving a set of Blade Runner origami (which I think was all very well made) I’d came to think that there must be others out there whom would like to know of this and maybe get their own origami set.

I ordered a set from Blade Runner Origami by Gaff and the set consists of the origami chicken, origami unicorn and also the little happy man that Gaff makes out of what I think is a match. The cost for all these items where $20.

I should point out that I am not involved in making or selling these items so I can not answer any questions you might have about them but I can say that I think they are very well made and Im very happy to have added them to my Blade Runner collection

So, for more information on these lovely origami items visit Blade Runner Origami by Gaff

Source: Blade Runner Props

Deckard’s “Hero” Blaster for sale


The “mother” of all Blade Runner blasters are now for sale and it will be auctioned together with many other Blade Runner items at 1st of May at Profiles In History, among some of the other Blade Runner objects that are auctioned off one can find some of Deckard’s clothing.

If you want to see what other items that will be up for grabs, then download Profiles In History’s HOLLYWOOD CATALOG : Forry Ackerman Estate Catalog

Click for large image.

The estimated price for the gun is $100.000 – $150.000 and whomever that will take that baby home can consider himself one lucky guy

Source: Blade Runner Props

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