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Adam Savage & Kayte Sabicer’s Blade Runner Blimp


Adam Savage (co-host of Mythbuster & big fan of Blade Runner) got some help from Kayte Sabicer and built a 1/2 scale model of the Blade Runner blimp complete with lights  and what seems to be everything else (Yes, they do mention the “Ridley is god” thing)




Creating Rachael (2.0) in Blade Runner 2049


I bet most of us lost out breath when she walked up those stairs to meet Deckard. Personally all I was looking for was “digital errors & mishaps” but I couldn’t find one when I saw that it really was Rachael whom had returned (even thou it wasn’t really her)

This is pure movie magic, at it’s finest form if you’d ask me and this is how it was made. You can find more information at Moving Picture Company whom created the Rachael digitally or at



Blade Runner Suite by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (feat. David Bateson)


There is an amazing rendition of some of the music that we get to enjoy in Blade Runner by the Danish Symphony Orchestra (and David Bateson), It seems to have been televised in June 2017 when the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) hosted three orchestral concerts called “Galaxymphony” which included some of the soundtrack from various space and sci-fi movies.

This is their version of some of the Blade Runner soundtrack called ‘The Blade Runner suite’.

Adam Savage, spoilerfree Blade Runner 2049 review


Adam Savage (Mythbusters) had the privilege of getting an invite to see a screening of Blade Runner 2049. He is a huge fan of Blade Runner and has the same feelings towards Blade Runner as the most avid Blade Runner fan out there and had the same fears of getting another Blade Runner movie as I have. The fears are now gone and I don’t think he could have been more positive to Blade Runner 2049 than what he is in this “Still untitled” cast. The best thing is that this is an absolutely free from spoilers so you can watch this without getting to know something you don’t want to know

So, I guess too will have to go see Blade Runner 2049. God Help Adam Savage if I leave the Cinema disappointed 😉


After Blade Runner, before Blade Runner 2049. Blade Runner Black Out 2022


The third and final chapter of what happens after Blade Runner and before the next the installment of Blade Runner 2049 has been released and it’s well worth your time.

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