Alan Daniels, Blade Runner Artist

The Story About The Poster

Alan Daniels moved to U.S.A. to work on Blade Runner, He had up then to been doing science fiction illustrations for an agency called Young artists. Most of the work He did for the Blade Runner movie was in the matting process, Alan had been working with matts before and He got to spent a lot of time on the set and in the effects studio.
Alan Daniels work was appreciated and while Ridley Scott still had the control over the production Alan soon got a request to do a poster for the Blade Runner movie. He got his inspiration for the poster from the set and also from some of the effects used in the movie. Things went on and as Warner Bros. took control over the movie they decided that they wanted a poster with Harrison Ford instead. Sadly, Mr. Daniels says that his original art was missing for a couple of years but He has now recovered the poster from someone associated with the Blade Runner movie.

Alan Daniels Biography

Alan Daniels was born in Stockport in the North of England and studied fine art at Maidstone College of Art. After graduating he traveled extensively throughout Europe. It was here that he discovered his affinity for painting heavenly hussys, initially in an erotic Aliceís Wonderland series and then in a more idealized pin-up fashion. He exhibited his paintings mostly in England and Germany.
He settled in England and worked for a while on science fiction paintings and pin-up art for galleries and publications in London. While touring America he fell in love with California and moved to a town north west of Los Angeles where the cost of his lifestyle took him very much by surprise so he developed his illustration style and supported himself and many others with illustration work. It is here that he lives with his family who are an inspiration to the working of his ladies. These drawings and paintings are a return to what he wants to paint and a way of regaining control over what he does paint.
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