Gerardo Jemio

I received an email with three diffrent stunning Blade Runner drawings from an artist calling himself “Gerardo” in Santiago, Chile. His full name is Gerardo Jemio and he’s 37 years old, he signs his artwork with Jemio. His three Blade Runner sketches are wonderful and his inspiration comes from the atmosphere in Blade Runner. Blade Runner is his all time favourite film and he points out that the replicants are holding on more to life then the humans.
He says that he has piles of Sci-Fi illustrations that he has done, he also does other artwork related to the movies and that he also does art related to music or songs. He loves to draw and he tries to reach everyone’s fantasies through his illustrations.
Here are the three diffrent Blade Runner drawings from Gerardo, all images are linked to images with higher resolutuion.

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