Alessandro Fantini

I received an email from Alessandro in February, 2008 and Im sorry to say that it has taken much to long time to add his pictures to the fancreations. If you want to find out more on him and his artwork then direct your browser to either AFantepidarium – The Alessandro Fantini’s website, Alessandro Fantini’s blog (In italian) or Alessandro at DeviantART.

About the paintings
The Great Menarca” has been painted in 1999 keeping in mind my mystical link with the dark and haunting aural soul of the Blade Runner “emotive” environment. I was writing a screenplay for a sci-fi movie located in an imaginary megalopolis of an alternative continent: the actress I’ve chosen for play the female protagonist was Carmen Consoli, at that time a never-before-seen borderline pop-singer figure in the boring italian musical scenery. The mix of frailty and power lying under her pale and intense personality, the phonetic reminiscences of Janis Joplin, PJ Harvey and Dolores O’ Riordan melting in her singing style, has made her an intriguing source of inspiration for my stories and visions (not to mention her resemblance with Pris when the make-up faded away from her white face). I met her several times in the concerts backstages. Unfortunately I never found the producers who believed in my project. I met her for the last time seven years ago, in a crowded small indoor concert that resembled the unfilmed scene of the Zhora Dance.
This painting was somehow the movie-poster of a sad and magical failure
Memories of dreams” is the first painting I’ve properly conceived as homage to the Ridley Scott masterwork. When I saw Blade Runner for the first time in 1995, one of the most touching and unspeakable moment of the movie has been the love scene inside the Deckard’s apartment. I was fascinated by the very low pace of the images, merged with the dark-ambient eerie atmosphere evoked by the Vangelis music. The gesture of Rachel to look at the Deckard’s photos and starting to play piano while he’s sleeping, symbolizes to me that inner human virtue of sharing irrational feelings between the awareness and the unconsciousness, the same talent that belongs to every true artistic expression like painting, writing poems, playing music. Living for art is living for visions. Blade Runner is a unique and uninterrupted stream of visions one has in one’s mind. Every time I watch it I can feel exactly the same poignant emotions I experimented so long ago. Emotions living still today like frozen and warm fluids after 25 years of unreal and true memories on screen. This painting is dedicated to Ridley Scott and Philip K. Dick and to the creative team who renderized their Visions.
All pictures published with permission.

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