Titus Lunter

My friend Hal once again hooked me up with yet another artist whom has created some really stunning artwork.
About Titus
Titus is twenty-two years old and he is currently on his third year at the NHTV university in Breda, Netherlands where he is studying to become a Visual Artist within the Video game industry. He aspires to become a concept artist or production designer when he’s done and after seeing his magnificent artwork I think and hope that he will be successful in the future

Here we are taught various skills regarding the game industry at a professional level, for instance all of our teachers have professional backgrounds and have worked on renouned titles. I specialize in the visual art departement of the education which include courses such as level design, narratology, ludology, 2d texturing, 3d modelling and animation, drawing, life drawing and soon concept art and production design classes.
– Titus Lunter

About the Artwork
I for one think that Titus has managed to capture the enviromental aspects from Blade Runner spot on, it’s dense and dark nitty-gritty feeling from the enviroment you can get when you watch the movie.

For one of these courses, being level design, we were asked to create a 4 player death match level, but since I was done fairly quick with this assignment I was permitted to, with help of a classmate, design a roaming assault level with total conversion aspirations (unfortunately it never came that far). In the last period, which is a stretch of 10 weeks, we had to convert this assault map to fit the style of the visual style represented in Blade Runner. With 4 hours a week and 10 weeks we had approximately 40 hours to complete a massive level, unfortunately it is not finished ergo it is not been distributed on the internet.
– Titus Lunter

All images used with permission.

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