Hal Phelich

Hal sent me an email in november 2006 and we exchanged alot of emails and I think that he has made some very stylish & nice B/W Blade Runner artwork and there will hopefully come more Blade Runner artwork from him soon. I hope that he decides to create some more Blade Runner artwork, his current work is very detailed and I would love to see what more he would add to another Blade Runner inspired piece of art.  Hal tells me that He thinks it’s hard to believe that Blade Runner is 25 years old and that it’s holding up fine with todays computer generated effect filled movies. He decided to make some Blade Runner artwork when he found out that there will be a “Final Cut” of the movie. It’s his first (but hopefully not the last) go at Blade Runner art.  Update September 3’rd 2007 I received another email from Hal in which he includes his latest Blade Runner artwork and I was blown away when I got to see it, I think that this is the best Blade Runner artwork I’ve ever seen.
Artist Information
Hal was born in Linz, Austria on Dec 3, 1965.
Came to Winnipeg (Manitoba) in Canada at the age of three.
He works as a freelance artist, musician & writer.
Some of his solo music projects includes : “Time Wanderer” (based on his graphic novel), “Relic”, “Dome Of Stars” & “Static”.

All pictures published with permission.

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