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Blade Runner FAQ by Lukas Mariman.

Text version or .doc/Word version

The Blade Runner Related Music FAQ by Patrick Meaney.
Text Version or .doc / Word Version

Fanzine published in 1982 by Sara Campbell.

First Issue of Cityspeak (December 1982)



Blade Runner End Titles 65 Kb

Love Theme 25kb

Memories Of Green 13kb


Blade Runner Game music 2.86kb

Blade Runner end titles by 20cc 2.94kb

Blade Runner by Roy Batty 3.55kb

Blade Runner by Zyron 13kb

Sid is an audio format for playing old music/audio files from the Commodore 64.
To listen to these files, Download SidPlay2


Voight Kamppf Machine – Static Noise

Spinner Flyby

Elevator Door Closing

Deckard – Move, get out of the way

Roy Batty – Yes, Questions..

Roy Batty – Time to die

Eldon Tyrell – Induldge me

Eldon Tyrell – What seems to be the problem ?

These soundbytes where sampled to use as a soundscheme (To be applied to events in Windows).
Example: “The spinner flyby” can be used when your computer starts, “Elevator Door Closing” when you power down the computer..