Marcus Truckel

Marcus Truckel is the artist behind the three Blade Runner images below, he is 35, lives in the south of England and works as a freelance artist. If you want to see more of his artwork, visit his Mad Hamster Studios where you can find out more about Marcus and find more artwork. Marcus is also on deviantART where you can find more Blade Runner fan art.

I’m primarily a digital artist these days although I am happy to draw and paint with any media. The computer is just another tool as far as I am concerned. I used Photoshop for the Poster, Painter for the Batty sketch, and Artrage for the Rachel sketch. Most of my work is painted with Photoshop and Painter but I like to use any software that does the job. I like to think that I’m fairly versatile.

His Blade Runner poster was made and submited to an online art challange at and you can even follow the process of his poster here at Marcus tells me that he has been a long time fan of Blade Runner and that he always wanted to paint something Blade Runner related (and what an great result his painting ended up as). He’s always been fond of montage style movie posters such as the ones by Drew Struzan whom created the artwork for Blade Runner: The Final Cut.
Marcus tells me in our email correnspondence that his Poster image most difficult part was capturing the likeness of Rutger Hauer since Hauer has a very distinctive face. Getting Rutger Hauer right took more time then the rest of the painting. So, Marcus later on decided to have another go at portraying Rutger Hauer as Batty and created a speed sketch which was completed in around 40 minutes. Marcus also tells me that the speed sketches are pretty rough and done as practice work.
The release of the Final Cut DVD was another reason the Batty sketch came about. Marcus had just watched the film and felt inspired to paint something again. He’s considering painting a more finished series of character portraits from the film.
Well, after seeing his work Im very impressed and he truly seems to be a very versatile artist. Seeing his two speed sketches which this webmaster thinks may look rough but they still have something special in them, a very moody feeling to them like the glowing eyes of Rachael for instance (they shine thru even thou the painting is made in black & white).. I personally hope that he creates those portraits he’s consider doing, some more “finished” portraits on some of the characters of Blade Runner would be great and it’s something Im looking forward to see.

All pictures published with permission.

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