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Title: Blade Runner qustionnaire with reference to genre.
Post by: bladerunner93 on May 21, 2013, 02:56:18 am
For the purpose of my current assignment I am focusing on an audience response to Blade Runner, with the chosen study of genre, I have created this questionnaire and would really benefit if you could answer it.

 Questionnaire -

 1. Please state which genre you feel is most defined in Blade Runner and why? e.g. could be science fiction, cyberpunk, future noir, thriller or film noir.

 2. What do you feel are the codes and conventions used with Blade Runner?

 3. What type of iconography do you associate with Blade Runner?

 4. Can you list any visual motifs present in Blade Runner which are linked directly to science fiction genre or film noir?

 5. What are the universal concerns from Blade Runner?

 6. Are there aspects of the Blade runner narrative that might reflect into other genres?

 7. How do you feel the use of lighting, cinematography and mise en scene in BLADERUNNER is distinctive to a film genre?

 8. Can you identify any moments in the opening sequences of Blade Runner in which the film uses noir lightings and cinematography?

 9. How much does Deckard conform to the central male film noir character who is usually a disillusioned loner, a tough guy at odds with himself?

 10. Look at the sequence where Deckard first meets Rachel at the Tyrell
 Corporation. How do her clothes, hair and make up mimic the 1940’s film noir ‘femme fatale’?

11. Watch the sequence from the point where Batty rescues Deckard up to his own death. Look particularly at the sequence in terms of the mise en scène. Does this succeed in evoking a sense of empathy for Batty?