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Author Topic: Questionnaire of Blade runner - discussing key topics of film.  (Read 4257 times)

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This is a second questionnaire which I am posting, this focuses more on key questions in the film, please feel free to comment as the topics are all fascinating.

Questionnaire for research focus group Ė Blade Runner.

1.   Is Deckard a replicant what are your views?

2.   How long can Deckard live if he is a non-human?

3.   Where are the off world colonies?

4.   Why does the city seem so empty and crowded simultaneously?

5.   When and why were replicants created?

6.   How does the voight kampff test work?

7.   Is the best ending version with Deckard as Human and Roy as replicant?

8.   Is it possible that Deckard does not know he is a replicant?

9.   What is the significance of the unicorn scene and does this signify that in fact this memory was implanted into Deckardís mind making him a replicant?

10.   Was the glow from Deckardís eye just a lighting accident during filming or this also another sign that Deckard is in fact a replicant?

11.   Do you have any other comments or thoughts on blade runner?

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Re: Questionnaire of Blade runner - discussing key topics of film.
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That was really helpful for me. Thanks