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Author Topic: Themes in Blade Runner, questionnaire which focuses on human condition.  (Read 3748 times)

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As part of research for my current assignment I am collecting data and views on Blade Runner, please feel free to comment and this would be really helpful.

Questionnaire on themes in Blade Runner

1.   What are your thoughts on Blade runner and do you like it?

2.    Is blade runner morally sound in depicting the influence and power of large corporations, the omnipresence of the police and the control of humans by biomedical systems?

3.   What are the consequences of the replicants and their implanted memories?

4.   Is blade runner immoral in depicting the planet as dystopian and presenting the human race as selfish, unlike the replicants who work collectively, is it acceptable that the film asks us to reassess what it means to be human?

5.   What are the negative impacts of humans mastering genetic engineering and can humans and robots live together co-operatively?

6.   What are the implications of technology on the environment and does Blade runner reinforce a negative view of society when watched?

7.   Blade runner raises many questions about the human condition, for example can you describe to me your definition of what reality is?

8.   What does it mean to be human and has any themes from blade runner resonated within you?

9.    The interpretation that Deckard is a replicant is challenged by some fans who believe the unicorn imagery shows that the characters, whether human or replicant, share the same dreams and recognize their affinity or that the absence of a decisive answer is crucial to the film's main theme. Do you feel that The inherent ambiguity and uncertainty of the film, as well as its textual richness, permit fans from knowing the true meaning of the film?

10.   What do you feel are the strengths of Blade runner?

11.   What do you feel are the weaknesses and flaws in Blade runner?

12.   If you have any other information which you would like to add then that would be kindly appreciated.

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As I am conducting research into Blade Runner, I would also very much appreciate if you could compelte this questionnaire.

Blade Runner questionnaire for public

1.   Do you prefer the director’s cut of Blade runner, if so why?

2.   Do you prefer the theatrical released version of Blade Runner, if so why?

3.   Do you prefer Sir Ridley Scott’s final cut version of Blade Runner, if so why?

4.   Did you like the narrative voiceover from Deckard within the theatrical version?

5.   What would you say is the most widely accepted version of Blade Runner?

6.   Do you feel the use of music is one of the key focuses on Blade Runner?

7.   What do you think could have been improved in Blade Runner, if anything please state what and why?

8.    Any other comments?

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Interestingly noticed, he came up with?