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Author Topic: New Gallery, what do you think ?  (Read 3698 times)

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New Gallery, what do you think ?
« on: May 17, 2008, 02:42:53 am »
Hi !!

Im happy to see that the forum has some or (atleast I think) a bunch of visitors when I check and see if there's anyone here..

Anyway, I deleted to installation of Gallery 2 that I had all the images in The Blade Runner Images (see the menu to the left). Since the website is built with iframe technology I dont think it worked very well with opening large images in a too small space so therefore I've searched and found a simple but useful php script which now opens a new window with the full sized image, visit the Blade Runner Images and tell me what you think (If anyone has tips on some other solution then let me know).

Anyways, I've taken some screendumps from The Final Cut which Im gonna upload there soon BUT (there's alot of but's here) after having taken some screendumps and seeing the result I think that the end result are too dark (compared to watching the movie it's a hell of a difference). Therefor I ask this, should I run them thru Photoshop and fix the levels (making them look brighter, among other things).

Im gonna post two images, one normal with nothing changed and one that I've runned thru Photoshop and auto-fixed the levels. Tell me what you think (if I hear nothing, Im gonna upload the "fixed" ones)

Take a look at the images and tell me what you think !!
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Re: New Gallery, what do you think ?
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2017, 08:40:23 pm »
Not bad, that's what I was looking for!