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The Prop Collection: The Unicorn File


Some month ago I extended my Blade Runner prop collection with a wonderful fan-made set of items called The Unicorn File and even thou most of the set isn’t even seen in the movie I consider it to be a true gem in my collection (There is one origami unicorn included and it looks very much like the one in the movie).

The set consists of items that very well could have been in the movie as Deckard’s Voight-Kampff operator license card or a receipt from the White Dragon where Deckard gets a meal. Some items in the set comes weathered as they have been used as receipts and tickets might be and some are pristine

Items like this one is very nice to find and one should remember that items like this are made by fans for other fans to enjoy and cherish. You can find information on how you might get one of these sets for yourself (as of now, there are only six sets left). The price is €25 and includes shipping worldwide.

You can find all the information and pictures of the set at the Unicorn File thread @ Propsummit.com

I decided to make two videos showing of the items in this amazing set and post here so that everyone could get a good look at how truly amazing fan made props or memorabilia items can be. As a fan of Blade Runner, items like this are truly wonderful to own and collect.


Video #1: Deckard’s items

YouTube Preview Image


Video #2: Leon Kowalski’s items

YouTube Preview Image

Joanna Cassidy on the scene that never was


Forbes has an great interview with Joanna Cassidy where they talk about the scene that never was made. Zhora’s dance with the artificial snake at Taffey Lewis bar. Luckily for us, Joanna produced her own version and made it available for us fans to see and I must say that it was an impressive thing to see.


Read the interview with Joanna and find out more on the scene that never was here

What Might Have Been: Snake Dance by Joanna Cassidy as Zhora


Joanna Cassidy whom portrayed Zhora in Blade Runner has a treat for us on Youtube.

To all the fans of my work and especially Bladerunner, I have put up on my YouTube Channel the dance from Bladerunner that could have been, and since it is the 30th anniversary of the film, I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the genius that went into the making of this very special movie.

And I really appreciate any and all help to launch this little piece of creativity that I spent so much time on and the love of this character and movie that has made my life a different place.

I would especially like to thank Paul Sammon for his introduction to the video and a special thanks to Gary Whilloughby friend, artist and creator of Bladezone.

YouTube Preview Image

Paul M. Sammons interviewed by My SciFi Show


Another great interview with Paul M. Sammon (author of the Blade Runner Bible “Future Noir”) done by My SciFi Show can now be listened to and it’s also available for you to download

Hollywood Science Fiction author, producer, director and self-proclaimed eclectic Paul M. Sammon joins us for Episode 47. He talks about Ridley Scott, Prometheus, Blade Runner, Dune and the state of science fiction in film today. Join us for a very special 75-minute sit down with someone whose knowledge and insights span from the genre’s stops and starts of the 1970s to today

Blade Runner 30′th anniversary @ Comic-Con


As you might know, there was a somewhat of a celebration of Blade Runner taking place at Comic-Con in San Diego, as Blade Runner turns 30. The panel which did a Q&A consisted of David Snyder (Art Director / Blade Runner), Paul M. Sammon (Author of Future Noir AKA The Blade Runner Bible) and Charles De Lauzirika (The man behind The Final Cut).


A lot was discussed during the panel, which cut of the movie they preferred, what it was like filming at The Bradbury building, where the props ended up after filming was done and many other things. The filming took 85 days to complete and 35 of those where all night shoots (and in rain I guess) so it’s no surprise that it was a very tough film to shoot.


Among one of the things that was discussed was if there was alot of unseen footage left. If you have (and I hope and think you do) the collectors editions of The Final Cut then you have a mini version of Blade Runner, with never before seen footage and a totally new voice over which I think is amazing (and even thou if it’s a mini version, it still holds up very well). The version included in the collectors edition of The Final Cut is compiled of what they could use (as of voice-over narration and scenes).


There is also the question of a an remake ever would be made, to that Lauzirika answers

I went two years on Prometheus without saying a word.  There is an idea at work, but never going to be a remake.

Personally, I would hate to see an remake being made of Blade Runner and Im quite afraid of what a sequel/prequel or anything else remotely related to Blade Runner could be, but if there will be a “Blade Runner 2″ (sequel/prequel or sidequel) I’d like to have one of the original script writers, Sir Ridley Scott and Lauzirika to be involved in the process and then, it can hopefully be a good thing. To get something as magical as the original Blade Runner will be quite difficult (remember that everything was done before the days of computer generated effects, this is also somehting I would like to see being done again.. if the knowledge is still around in Hollywood),


David Snyder had this to say about an remake being done


To me, it was the last analog film made.  All the miniatures and things, it was the last science fiction film that will ever be made in that way.  Almost feels like you can touch it.  I wish I could see it without having any knowledge of the making of it, to realize it as a fan


If you want to know more on what was said during the Blade Runner 30′th Panel that took place during Comic-Con 2012, visit Collider which has more for you to read

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