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Lego Blaster


Jive Chops Art is the home of an multitalanted artist whom works with all types of art and Lego is one of them. He has built a full size Blaster replica in Lego which is very impressive,




You can see more of his blaster here


Blade Runner SACD release



AudioFidelity whom released the Blade Runner Vinyl is going to release Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack on SACD (a format that has multi channel capabilities, longer playing time) which is a format that many audiophiles prefers.


You can find more information at AudioFidelity


Heritage Orchestra & Music from Blade Runner Live (Sydney, May 26th)


Elsewhere (The Independent Vangelis Website) reports that Heritage Orchestra, whom performed the Blade Runner soundtrack live together with Massve Attack at the Meltdown Festival in 2009 will do another live performance of Vangelis Blade Runner score at the Concert Hall in Sydney Opera House, Australia on the 26′th of May.


You’ll find more information and how to get tickets to this event here


Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack Vinyl release



Vangelis masterpiece soundtrack from Blade Runner is to be released on vinyl for the first time (The New American Orchestra version can also be found. That is however an old release and not done by Vangelis). The single disc LP vinyl will be released as a 180 gram transparent red vinyl and comes in a gatefold which includes many colourful stills from the movie.

Pre-order your copy from Amazon.com

Track Listing

Side 1

1. Main Titles

2. Blush Response

3. Wait for Me

4. Rachel’s Song

5. Love Theme

6. One More Kiss, Dear

Side 2

1. Blade Runner Blues

2. Memories of Green

3. Tales of the Future

4. Damask Rose

5. Blade Runner (End Titles)

6. Tears In Rain


The Prop Collection: The Unicorn File


Some month ago I extended my Blade Runner prop collection with a wonderful fan-made set of items called The Unicorn File and even thou most of the set isn’t even seen in the movie I consider it to be a true gem in my collection (There is one origami unicorn included and it looks very much like the one in the movie).

The set consists of items that very well could have been in the movie as Deckard’s Voight-Kampff operator license card or a receipt from the White Dragon where Deckard gets a meal. Some items in the set comes weathered as they have been used as receipts and tickets might be and some are pristine

Items like this one is very nice to find and one should remember that items like this are made by fans for other fans to enjoy and cherish. You can find information on how you might get one of these sets for yourself (as of now, there are only six sets left). The price is €25 and includes shipping worldwide.

You can find all the information and pictures of the set at the Unicorn File thread @ Propsummit.com

I decided to make two videos showing of the items in this amazing set and post here so that everyone could get a good look at how truly amazing fan made props or memorabilia items can be. As a fan of Blade Runner, items like this are truly wonderful to own and collect.


Video #1: Deckard’s items

YouTube Preview Image


Video #2: Leon Kowalski’s items

YouTube Preview Image
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