Ridley answer THE question

All Blade Runner fanatics can now calm down.. Ridley Scott has answered THE question. Yes, Deckard IS a replicant.. In a Channel 4’s Documentury titled “On the edge of Blade Runner” which is going to air on 15 July, Ridley Scott answers the questions that has divided Blade Runner fans into two diffrent camps. The “He is a Replicant” and “No, he isnt” camps. The documentury will also contain some never before seen footage. Blade Runner “Directors Cut” and the documentury is being broadcast on 15 July.
Now.. I guess we all can finally get some sleep and drop the subject 😉
Source: BBC News | Entertainment, My friend Foad

The Blade Runner "Limited Edition Collector's Set"

As reported on other Blade Runner sites, there is a new collectors edition in the works, and information on what the “Collectors Set” includes can now be found on Amazon.com.
This package is not released now, but Amazon.com reports that the release date is set to June 6, 2000, but you can still place your order for it right now, they will ship it as soon as it is available.
This is what the “Collectors Set” includes:
Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)

  • * Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen
  • Production notes
  • Director’s Cut
  • 8 Original Limited Edition Lobby Cards
  • Exclusive Limited Edition Senitype image from movie with 35mm Film Frame
  • Original One Sheet Movie Poster (27×40)
  • Full-screen and widescreen letterbox formats

The listed price for this product is $79.98, but you can buy it from amazon for $55.99 (Which is 30% of the listed price).
This is not the new cut that the January edition of Cinescape reported on, in which some “lost” scenes is to be added. Information on that “new” cut can be found in the “Old Blade Runner News” section (Newsbyte 02.07.2000 – New print of the movie in the works).

Rutger on Blade Runner sequel

An on-line interview with Rugter Hauer can be found on the Rutger Hauer Official Web Site
Among the questions are a one about the possibility of an sequel to Blade Runner..

Question: Has there been any talk about the “Blade Runner” sequel?
Rutger: There has been talk and hype and of course willingness enough. A lot has to do with the legal rights to use the name. I’m sure there are scripts floating around. But it’s difficult. “Blade Runner” is such a brilliant piece. I don’t think there will be a #2.

You can read the complete on line interview with Rugter, among many other things at the Rutger Hauer Official Webs Site

Source: Rutger Hauer Official Web Site

More Trench-coat Info

Here’s some more information on TrenchCo’s replica of Deckards Trench-coat
The trench-coat will be made out of wool twill and it will have a corduroy collar, it will be available in late april.
There is an FAQ on TrenchCo’s Deckard Trench-coat page which is good reading if you have any questions.
To find out more on how You could own a replica of Deckard’s Trench-coat, visit the Deckard Trench-coat Page over at TrenchCo
Source: Deckard Trenchcoat Page

Dress like a Blade Runner

Ever wanted to dress like a Blade Runner? Here’s your chance…
A company called TrenchCo are currently doing replicas of the trenchcoat worn by Neo in the movie “The Matrix” according to their homepage, TrenchCo are currently in the making of also doing replicas of Deckard’s Trenchcoat…
Hopefully, You could be an owner of an replica of Deckards trenchcoat, when the production starts is not known. More information will hopefully soon be added to the TrenchCo homepage soon

Source: The alt.fan.blade-runner newsgroup, TrenchCo

The Clothes in Blade Runner

I’ve been asked about the clothes in Blade Runner a couple of times, I never had much of an answer to any of the questions, but for those of you who want to know more, here’s what I got.
Late 1999 some of the clothes used in Blade Runner where sold on an auction by a company called Bonhams. The (estimated) price for Rachels fur and blue silk coat was £2,500-3,500, this piece was designed by Charles Knode.
I don’t know what the final prices for these clothes where, or whom the happy owner are.

The clothes sold by Bonhams late 1999, the clothes are from left to right:
Deckards trenchcoat with shirt.
Deckards jacket with another shirt and a tie
Rachels fur and blue silk coat
Rachels snakeskin suit
Rachels suit

Source: Bonhams

New print of the movie in the works

The January edition of Cinescape has an interview with Ridley Scott (among other stuff) and on a question about Blade Runner this is what he has to say:
“We’re remixing and reprinting Blade Runner in January. We’ve been going through the old negative and we’re adding a few scenes back into it because the film, according to Warner Bros., gets requested about 30 times a year [by repertory theaters]. So the prints were getting used up and they wanted to update everything. We’ll add about eight minutes back in. But we’re going to mix the whole thing and [make a new print], which will be interesting because, you know, prints start to fade after about 10 years. It’s pretty great. One of the great things [is being able to use] this high-definition digital DVD, which is one way we’re managing to preserve the original look and sound of how the film was meant to be.”
Now.. That’s exciting news, hopefully this print will have never before seen footage added.

News article found at Bladezone