The Clothes in Blade Runner

I’ve been asked about the clothes in Blade Runner a couple of times, I never had much of an answer to any of the questions, but for those of you who want to know more, here’s what I got.
Late 1999 some of the clothes used in Blade Runner where sold on an auction by a company called Bonhams. The (estimated) price for Rachels fur and blue silk coat was £2,500-3,500, this piece was designed by Charles Knode.
I don’t know what the final prices for these clothes where, or whom the happy owner are.

The clothes sold by Bonhams late 1999, the clothes are from left to right:
Deckards trenchcoat with shirt.
Deckards jacket with another shirt and a tie
Rachels fur and blue silk coat
Rachels snakeskin suit
Rachels suit

Source: Bonhams