New print of the movie in the works

The January edition of Cinescape has an interview with Ridley Scott (among other stuff) and on a question about Blade Runner this is what he has to say:
“We’re remixing and reprinting Blade Runner in January. We’ve been going through the old negative and we’re adding a few scenes back into it because the film, according to Warner Bros., gets requested about 30 times a year [by repertory theaters]. So the prints were getting used up and they wanted to update everything. We’ll add about eight minutes back in. But we’re going to mix the whole thing and [make a new print], which will be interesting because, you know, prints start to fade after about 10 years. It’s pretty great. One of the great things [is being able to use] this high-definition digital DVD, which is one way we’re managing to preserve the original look and sound of how the film was meant to be.”
Now.. That’s exciting news, hopefully this print will have never before seen footage added.

News article found at Bladezone