Blade Runner on Blu-ray & HD-DVD (and DVD) October 2007 ? reports that a promotional flyer for “Blade Runner – The Essential 25’th Anniversary Edition” on HDDVD with October 2007 as release date can be found in Warner Bros. upcoming HDDVD release of “Ultimate Matrix Collection” which is soon to be released.

Inside copies of the ‘Ultimate Matrix Collection’ (arriving this Tuesday, May 22), Warner has included the following advert that gives the first official confirmation of an arrival window for ‘Blade Runner’ (which is now being dubbed ‘The Essential 25th Anniversary Edition’)
My personal guess is that the correct & official title of the release will be “Blade Runner – The Essential 25’th Anniversary Edition” and that it will be released on all formats this October 2007
This could be the best news on the upcoming release that we have been waiting for so long..

Source: The Home Theater Forum