Blade Runner Special Edition DVD Update

The Digital Bits has some information concerning the so called “Special Edition” DVD that we still are waiting for. Warner’s got a big list of good things comming both on DVD & HD-DVD and at the press event where they made their release list public they also let us know that “the death of the DVD format is exaggerated” and that they sit on a film vault with over 6,000 theatrical titles and only 1,200 have been released on DVD so far. So we have over 5,400 titles for the studio to choose from when it comes to catalog DVD releases.
There’s a large list of titles comming both on DVD and HD-DVD over at this page over at and since they too are waiting for new Blade Runner release they asked about this title specifically and this is what they (and we) got to know.

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) is currently on track for release as a multi-disc special edition in time for its 25th anniversary in 2007. The release is far from certain (as usual, there’s a lot more that I can’t post about this title yet – think of the old saying, “Loose lips sink ships”), but Warner says that work is proceeding, most of the key players are involved and things are “looking good” for release next year. We’ll see.

Well, if everything goes smoothly then next year we will finally get to see a version of Blade Runner with decent picture & hopefully 5.1 surround sound (and with a bit of luck maybe even some neat extra material). Again everything is far from certain but we know that Warner’s are still working on getting the title re-released, we can only hope that “most of the key players” now means that the “pesky legall problems” might be solved..
I’ll personally will hold my breath until I’ll have the new disc in my hands, we all know for how long we’ve been waiting for this release..