City Speak #1 (1982 Fanzine)

Im very pleased to be able to present the first copy of CITYSPEAK, an fanzine published back in December 1982 by the fans for the fans. The editor and publisher Sara Campbell sadly died in 1985 after publishing three issues of Cityspeak. Cityspeak is very interesting reading and even thou it was released in 1982 when Blade Runner had its original premiere it shows that the fans back then have the had the same ideas and thoughts about Blade Runner as we, the fans have today.
The fanzine can be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) for personal & private use only and is not to be sold (The PDF is watermarked). If you need to download a PDF reader, visit and download the latest version of Adobe Reader

Download the first issue of Cityspeak

Thanks to Andy for making this available and letting me make it available on-line for others to enjoy.
Source: Andrew Pokon