Comic-Con Report & Pictures

Wayne Shurts from the newsgroup was kind enough to email me some pictures he took during Warner Bros. Home Video preview of Blade Runner Final Cut that took place on Friday 27’th.

You can follow the thread in here, below is some of what he has to say

Just got back from Comicon In San Diego.Great Panel on Blade Runner The Final Cut. Ridley Scott, Joanna Cassidy, Sean Young, Syd Mead, Joe Turkel and James Hong were among the panelists.
The DVD sets will be released in December with the 5 DVD set,Deckart’s Briefcase being the penultimate version. Apparently the included Spinner in the Briefcase is much more detailed with openable doors.
There will also be a two DVD set combining the New BR Final Cut with a Making of BR 3+ hour disc with extras. 45 minutes of deleted Scenes! As I recall the “Making of” disc is to be titled Dangerous Days.
The new BR Poster shows the addition of J F Sebastion, Pris, Tyrell, Batty, and Zhora. Eldon Tyrel recounted his “Kissing” Scene with Rutger Hauer. Scott hinted that he wanted to revisit science fiction as well as do an epic western movie. He said that a sequel of BR was not out of the question given the ending of the original BR. Hearing that, Sean Young humorously chimed in that it would of course include her in such a sequel. Scott repeated his belief that Deckard is a replicant. Great fun for a diehard BR fan.

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All photos posted with permission of Wayne Shurts (Photographer)

To view all the photos, check out the Blade Runner @ Comic-Con 2007 Gallery
Thanks goes to Wayne Shurts for the info and for his pictures.
Source: Wayne Shurts