CryEngine2 goes Blade Runner

The community site GameArtist which is “all about various Game Art skills such as 3D Modeling & Texturing” is where they had a “Scene from a movie” contest a couple of months ago. The winning group was “The Replicants” and I guess you by now can guess what movie they choosed.
“The Replicants” group consists of Steven Chagnon, Alina Gal and Ilya Nedyal used the computer game engine Cryengine2 is what the the popular computer game Crysis was built with.
The end result of the work that “The Replicants” used in the contest is stunning and they won the contest before a group called “Twinkle in a Child’s Eye” whom entered with a scene from Hook, third place where a group called “Coridium” whom used X-Men 2 for inspiration.
There was actually another group called “Hot Dang! Sauce” whom entered the contest (ended up at 9’th place) whom also was inspired by Blade Runner.
For more information & wonderful artwork from the contest, please check out the Scene from a movie thread at the GameArtist forum. For more images from the winning entry by “The Replicants”, go to Steven Chagnon’s website below is the winning “Blade Runner” entries from the contest.

Source: Scene from a movie thread at the GameArtist forum & Steven Chagnon