Hal Pehlich's New Blade Runner Piece

I was blown away when I got to see Hal Pehlich’s new Blade Runner artwork and I think that this is the best Blade Runner artwork I’ve ever seen..
More of Hal’s great art can be found in Hal Pehlich (Fancreations).

Loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s ‘ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ‘, this cyberpunk, neo-noir sci-fi film depicts a dystopian style of the future in the steel-and-microchip jungle of Los Angeles.
I find Ridley Scott’s moody cinematic masterpiece to be one of his greatest achievements, so fascinating and extraordinary.What impresses me are the visuals, very strikingly detailed and breathtaking, most importantly… let’s not forget the magnificent storyline.( about a group of renegade Replicants who’ve escaped from an Off-world colony… you can guess the rest. )
After 25 years – BLADE RUNNER is still considered to be the most influential film ever made… what intrigues me about the film is that one question, ‘ what makes us human?? ‘ BLADE RUNNER’s popularity continues to grow and to celebrate – I thought I’d produce another BR art piece. Enjoy.
Special thanks goes out to: Nicklas, Phil, Gary, Don, Steve and to my wonderfulgirlfriend Sophie who inspired me to illustrate the second BR. Thanks, babe

Harold Pehlich - "Blade Runner - The Final Cut"

Source: Harold Pehlich