Latest rumors on the new Blade Runner movie

First of all, the site is not dead. Real Life is keeping me busy but I’ll try to add more news a bit faster.
Now, there are much of gossip and rumors on what “Blade Runner 2” (?) will be, whom is doing the writing and if Harrison Ford will be in it. I think we should consider all of this as fun ingredients in the boiling pot that might end up as a new Blade Runner movie.
Personally I hope that Ridley Scott will be involve, otherwise they can scrap the whole thing. As of now it seems like Hampton Fancher might do some of the writing for the story.
As of now, all I do know is that Alcon Entertainment is the company behind this new production
I’ll hand you a bunch of links to website where you can find more informtion, as you can see by the date they where posted Im way behind on the updates of this site and for that I am sorry
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