More Blade Runner T-Shirts

So, after getting the latest paycheck in my hand I thought I oughta update my wardrobe a bit, Im not sure if others are having the same idea but if you do, here’s a few tips for the Blade Runner fan.

First of, The new Los Angeles, 2019 dark T-shirt (available in four different colors), this t-shirt is made by me and sold here to help me run the website and for every t-shirt sold you do not only get to show the world that you love Blade Runner but you’ll also help support this website and for that Im very grateful.

You can get the t-shirt (and more) here and the dark t-shirts are priced at $19.99.

Then you have the Blade Runner: Final cut Crew Style T-Shirt from Sci-Fi which has the same (almost) backprint as the BR crew jackets and on the front a Blade Runner 25’th anniversary logo. Very cool and stylish indeed !!

The T-shirts are available from $18.50 and can be found here.

Last but not least, at you’ll find two Blade Runner t-shirts and you’ll also find a bunch of other cool T-shirts with some very cool prints like a t-shirt from the The Overlook Hotel (from The Shining) or the USCSS Nostromo (from Alien). They have alot of very cool t-shirts so take a look there, Im sure you’ll find more than one you’d like.

The t-shirts costs from £17.50 and are to be found at

Happy shopping 😉