New edition of Future Noir: The Making Of Blade Runner

A quick reminder, a new revised edition of Paul M. Sammon’s “Blade Runner Bible” Future Noir: The Making Of Blade Runner was released in late December 2007 and it contains 608 pages instead of the old edition which contained 464 pages.

Now, to mark Blade Runner’s 25th anniversary and release of the “Final Cut” of Scott’s masterpiece, Paul M. Sammon has extensively revised Future Noir; bringing the story of the film’s sometimes troubled history fully up to date. This expanded edition contains new insights from Ridley Scott, information on the multiple-disc Blade Runner Special Edition DVD Set, and insights into everything that went into producing Scott’s preferred and final version of his masterpiece Also newly included is an exclusive interview with star Harrison Ford who for the first time talks exensively about his pivotal role in one of cinema’s most iconic films

Im gonna read this BR Bible once more and I’ve started looking into the new bits already. Sammon’s interview with Harrison Ford is really interesting and it brings some things I wondered over into the light. The best book on Blade Runner just got better !!
You can find more information on this new edition at Orion Books, UK

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