Rumors about a Blade Runner sequel

It must have been a couple of years since any rumours about a follow-up to Blade Runner reached us but now there is once again some gossip floating around on the Internet about a possible “Blade Runner 2”. /Film has some gossip and inside information on what it all is about.
It seems like one of the co-writers of Eagle Eye (Travis Wright) whom has (in some cooperation with John Glenn, also of Eagle Eye) been working on various ideas on a sequel for Blade Runner. From what one can read online (everything still on rumour level) there might already been in contact with Bud Yorkin (co-executive producer of Blade Runner).
John Glenn, the other man behind this is no longer involved thou, John says that he and Travis did work together with Bud Yorkin on a sequel to Blade Runner but never got to far since Blade Runner was such a perfect movie that they finally became “uneasy” with their ideas
For the complete story (remember, this still is just rumours), head over to /Film
Source: /Film