SE DVD Update

I found this in the newsgroup, it originates from the website Ain’t It Cool News which usually is a good news-source. Im not sure about if this is 100% true thou, it sounds a bit “too much” for me. Check out the “aint-it-cool-news” website for and check out the complete article.
Here are some of the things that can be found in the article at “aint-it-cool-news”.
According to newspost in aint-it-cool-news, the new special edition is going to have “some” of Harrison Ford’s voice-over left, new sound design will be used for some of the cars (Spinner or ground vehicles ?) and also for some equipment. This because Ridley Scott thinks that some of the technology assumptions (i.e. hydro electric power sources) is not in tune with the reality of today – look for some “combustion” in new sounds. All the special effects will be re-matted via computer and wire removal is assumed. Some new background details (flying cars) might be added as well…
The Unicorn sequence from “The Directors Cut” will still be around, but it’s effect/placement will diffrent due to “a new scene”. The bad lip synch will be fixed and some of the scenes with stunt doubles will also be fixed.
There is a new scene that we have never had a look at. It was “lost” during the original film processing and was “re-discovered” when the archive of the original footage took place.
3 to 7 min of “original” footage will be trimmed and cut to make the edit flow better
The biggest news are the comments that Ridley Scott made often during the production review:
When looking at certain sections of the film, Ridley Scott mention that he could not “believe that they (the audience) can’t see he’s (Decker) a replicant”. This is the sub-text that he is using for the film. Deckard (in Ridley Scott’s mind) is a replicant. Ridley feels that the new shots and edit will make this issue clear to all. The projected production completion date is 5/02 – no word on re-release dates or if it’s going straight to DVD.

Source:, Ain’t-it-cool-news: BLADE RUNNER THE SPECIAL EDITION!