Swedish Scott Interview

Swedish tv channel TV4 had an interview with the man himself, Ridley Scott in their movie show “Bionytt” in February. I “managed” to miss the show (even on the re-run) but Niklas Hermansson from the alt.fan.blade-runner newsgroup was kind enough to pass the information onto the newsgroup.
In the interview, Ridley Scott briefly talked about the upcomming “Special Edition” and what we can expect, this is what they are planning.

  • 3 Discs

The 3 discs would include the most known versions of the movie, these are.

  • Workprint
  • 1982 “Theatrical” release
  • The old “Directors Cut”
  • A new re-cut, final “Directors Cut”

In the interview, Ridley also says that we also can expect interviews and artwork. The specifications are not yet final, but I think that we also can expect a direcors commentary track.

Source: The alt.fan.blade-runner newsgroup The alt.fan.blade-runner newsgroup homepage.