Blade Runner Suite by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (feat. David Bateson)

There is an amazing rendition of some of the music that we get to enjoy in Blade Runner by the Danish Symphony Orchestra (and David Bateson), It seems to have been televised in June 2017 when the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) hosted three orchestral concerts called “Galaxymphony” which included some of the soundtrack from various space and sci-fi movies.
This is their version of some of the Blade Runner soundtrack called ‘The Blade Runner suite’.

Moments Lost – More of Blade Runner

Analog Sweden (A Swedish based studio created from a passion of analog synthesizers, vintage studio equipment and the culture surrounding it) has created a crowdfunded Blade Runner inspired musical project that also will involve Artwork from Kilian Eng, HR-FM and other artists. The music will be made with the same analog instruments as Vangelis used to make the wonderful audio landscape that is the music of Blade Runner.
The idea behind this is to explore into the other stories in the Blade Runner universe.

  • Create a Full Length Soundtrack
  • Using Vangelis original equipment & recording process
  • Artwork to each track by Kilian Eng, HR-FM + others
  • Based on new stories, inspired by the world of Blade Runner

The Most Dystopic yet the most intriguingly stunningly worlds ever created is the futuristic world of Blade Runner. We want to go there! We still belive this amazing world still holds untold stories. Stories we like to call the “Moments Lost”. We want to see these stories transform into stunning music and illustrations

Their finacial goal is set to €25.000 and so far people that finds this idea one that should finished have gotten together and chipped in with a total of €10.157 (as of 24’th of November 2013) and their deadline for funding this project ends in 34 days
You can find more information and support their great idea (and receive the music and other goodies, all depending on how much you want to support their project) here at Indiegogo

Heritage Orchestra & Music from Blade Runner Live (Sydney, May 26th)

Elsewhere (The Independent Vangelis Website) reports that Heritage Orchestra, whom performed the Blade Runner soundtrack live together with Massve Attack at the Meltdown Festival in 2009 will do another live performance of Vangelis Blade Runner score at the Concert Hall in Sydney Opera House, Australia on the 26’th of May.
You’ll find more information and how to get tickets to this event here