Is Harrison Ford looking to be in the next Blade Runner…or Not?

A report a from a few days ago said he was in talks to be in the possible sequel (that may also be directed by Ridley Scott). From Den of Geek…

The line coming out from the project was originally that Scott would be the only person returning, though, but it seems that might not be the case. In fact, we might just be seeing Deckard again.
For, according to Twitch Film, “Harrison Ford has entered into early talks to join the new Blade Runner”.
Obviously, this hasn’t been confirmed yet, and given Ford’s comments about Blade Runner in the past and his thoughts on it, it’d be something of a surprise anyway. But if true? Well, it’d suggest that the new Blade Runner film might just be next on Ridley Scott’s always-packed schedule, once he’s done and dusted with Prometheus.

Source: Den Of Geek
But, now it seems the producers, Alcon Entertainment, are denying the rumor. From Deadline…

“It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner,” Kosove told me. “To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment.”

I am sure a lot of things will change before this gets off the ground, so this is really just an excuse for us to see our favorite film in the news again. So please don’e let this news ruin, or make your day…unless it was made because you got to think about your favorite movie too. 😉

Ridley Scott & "Prophets of Science Fiction"

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