Ridley Scott & "Prophets of Science Fiction"

Executive Producer Ridley Scott presents Prophets of Science Fiction.
The “Science Fiction” of the past has now simply become “Science”. And the science of the future was strangely prophesied by a group of visionaries whose dreams once may have deemed them renegades and “mad scientists,” have become reality.
There will be one episode about Phillip K. Dick that will air on November 15’th 2011
Philip K. Dick
Premiere: Wednesday, November 16 at 10PM e/p
Literary genius, celebrated visionary, paranoid outcast: Writer Philip K. Dick lived a life of ever-shifting realities straight from the pages of his mind-bending sci-fi stories. His books have inspired films like Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report. His ideas have influenced the development of real-life breakthroughs in everything from robotics to law enforcement. The brilliant, troubled sci-fi legend’s work confronts readers with a deceptively simple question: What is reality?