Yes, Questions (and Christmas greetings)

This website has gone thru a massive update as I think many of you might have noticed and this post will try and explain how and why.  If you have any questions about anything then please drop me a line and I will do my best to give you answers to any questions that you might have.

The website is now based upon WordPress. So now all the older “Blade Runner news posts” are being posted as “blog posts” (instead of being in the old “News Archive”) this makes the news easier to find (again, if you want help understanding all of this technical mumbojumbo then click here). Im pretty sure that you’ll have no problems finding what they are looking for. Everything that you could find on the old version of Los Angeles, 2019 has been added to the version you see now.

The only small problem is that things have changed and are still being worked upon.

  • The old forum is still online and I have imported all of the posts and users to something called “Buddypress” which integrates the forum with the rest of the website. I however have’nt activated the “Buddypress” software (but you can login, comment on any news post with your old user details)
  • The Blade Runner image gallery is also still online but looks and works a bit different, if you rather use the old version of the Blade Runner image archive then you can still do so too.

So, I hope you will enjoy your visit to the Los Angeles, 2019 website and feel free to post a comment on anything or send some feedback if you have any questions.
Oh, and one last thing..
Merry Christmas and a happy new Blade Runner year (8 more years to go until it’s 2019 :))

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