Scott Pettersen's Rachael V.2

Scott Pettersen has created a second version of Rachael. The Figure comes in two options where one is with an seamless body ($975) while the regular “Full Set” version will cost you $875. An amazing and detailed figure that also comes with an Owl which I guess is artificial 😉
You can find more information and order one of Scott’s amazing figures at Figure Art of Scott Pettersen
RachaelPreorder1 Rachael v2 seamlessupgrade Rachael V2 w photo Rachael v2 owl

Keiser & Bear (J.F Sebastian's toys & friends) by Scott Pettersen

Figure Artist Scott Pettersen has created yet another set of two amazing figurines. He’s created stunning minature replicas of J.F Sebastian’s friends, Keiser and Bear. They are both stunnning in likeness in every way you could imagine and You can pre-order them both now ($1,200.00).
You can find and order Scott Pettersen’s amazing figures on the web here
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Scott Pettersen's 12" Blade Runner Figures

Blade Runner ain’t exactly Star Wars when it comes to finding merchandise. There are however some websites that are fantastic, like Propsummit where creative people can show their prop creations, discuss and help each other create some truly magnificent Blade Runner items for people to collect.
Finding items can be somehow hard (and/or very pricey) but some things are truly wonderful and being unique handmade items made in limited numbers this is understandable. Items like Scott Pettersens Blade Runner figures are just a few of the amazing items being created by artists that truly deserves some recognition for their work.
Not only is he creating very lifelike figures but also finds fabrics for clothing for the 12″ figures that is as close to what we can see in the movie.
I reccomend you to see more of Scott’s amazing work at and read a great interview filled with amazing photographs of his “dolls in action” here