The Deadendthrills website has a great article about Westwood’s Blade Runner game (an article that contains some truly stunning graphics from 3D artist David Austin taken from the game). The article tells the story how the Westwood studio came to get to do the game, the involvement from Syd Mead and others involved from the Blade Runner movie.
The game was released back in the days when a PC wasn’t as capable of producing 3D graphics as a PC can do today, so Westood used something called Voxels that made things look 3D

In the mid-’90s, a game that attempted 1,000 motion-captured sequences would be rightly considered a dangerous folly; Blade Runner features 20,000.
The original voxel objects weighed in at around seven megabytes in size while hardware at the time could manage only about 100K.

The game has a great atmosphere to it and is still a good game by today’s standards, it’s not comparable when it comes to the graphics that today’s computer games has but remember that it is a point&click adventure game that unfolds differently as to how you play it and has different endings, all depending to your actions in the game. That is something not many games had back when Westwood’s Blade Runner was released.
You can find more information on Westwood’s Blade Runner game right here at LA2019 and the great article you should read can be found here

"2019 – A Future Imagined" (HD Quality)

Visual Futurist Syd Mead reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future in 1920×1080 progressive high definition.

Show your support for a feature length film on Syd and the creative process by signing the guest list and ordering a copy of the DVD or Amazon Digital Download via The Tribeca Film Institute’s Re:frame Collection


2019: A Future Imagined – A Syd Mead Documentury

There’s a new documentury on Syd Mead called “2019: A Future Imagined” that’s availble online. It’s (for now) a short documentury but it will hopefully be a longer documentury with the support from the online community. You can find it as a digital download from the official website or Amazon.com.

Visual Futurist Syd Mead (“Blade Runner,” “Aliens,” “Tron”) reflects upon the nature of creativity and how it drives the future. Photographed in stunning High Definition, this featurette provides insight into the fascinating mind of one of the most influential artists of modern cinema

You can find the trailer for 2019: A Future Imagined here.
Source: Jim Hunter

One Official Lego Spinner

Lego presented the Visual Futurist Syd Mead with a one of a kind and official spinner when he attended a design summit in Billund, Denmark

This is just one of many spinner’s built with Lego out there, this one is once again a official one, built by Lego and I’d guess it will never be one like it which is sad. There are no official Blade Runner merchendise out there (besides posters) but there is alot of Blade Runner fan’s out there whom would love some neat official Blade Runner collectibles (and whom out there doesnt love Lego ?).
For those of you with Lego and some skills at building with Lego, take a look at this helpful guide at Brickshelf.com for building your own Lego Spinner !!
Source: A BoingBoing post