Bud Yorkin, co-executive producer of Blade Runner, dies at 89

Bud Yorkin, the un-credited co-executive producer of Blade Runner (and also producer of the still untitled Blade Runner movie that will be directed by Denis Villeneuve) died Aug. 18 of natural causes at his home in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. He was 89.
Bud Yorkin whom together with Jerry Perenchio is the people behind “The Blade Runner Partnership” and also the people whom got most of ownership to the Blade Runner movie due to that “The Blade Runner Partnership” had to pay the extra funds when the movie when the production went over it’s budget. “The Blade Runner Partnership” also got creative control over the film when filming went over budget and got the power to add the happy ending and also had a strong push for the adding of the voice-over.