ComicCon Blade Runner Videos

Four great videos available on Youtube from ComicCon’s Blade Runner panel, each around 9 minutes long and better then the other Youtube videos I posted info about here earlier.. Great stuff not to be missed !

Blade Runner Panel Part 1.

Blade Runner Panel Part 2.

Blade Runner Panel Part 3.

Blade Runner Panel Part 4.

Source: Youtube (Thanks to digitalhat for making them available)

Clips and a trailer are here

The Blade Runner – Final Cut trailer & movies that you can find at Yahoo Movies can now be found and downloaded from Los Angeles, 2019.
The Final Cut – Zhora Chase
The Final Cut – Unicorn Sequence
The Final Cut – Entering Taffey Lewis Bar
Dangerous Days – Making Blade Runner Trailer
If you want to download, save and enjoy the clips later, right-click and choose “Save Target As” (or something similar) in your browser..

“Blade Runner – The Final Cut” Trailer is here

Im proud to post the trailer for the new “Blade Runner – The Final cut” here, a brand new trailer with some new scenes added. The trailer was aired during the AFI (American Film Institute) 3 hour special at CBS in USA on the 20’th of June 2007

You can download the “Blade Runner – The Final Cut” trailer from :
Sendspace, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320), size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
Megaupload, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
I re-encoded the trailer to Xvid which made the file a bit smaller without any major loss of quality.
Download, size 8,92Mb (Xvid Format, Resolution: 768×320)
Source: Thanks to Jimmy Mack & Movie-List Forums

Harrison speaks..

I re-discovered this Quicktime movie on my computer. It’s an Interview with Harrison Ford in which he talks about Blade Runner, his thoughts about Deckard being a Replicant and what he feels about Blade Runner. Both Sean Young and Darryl Hannah are also in this clip..
Interesting stuff since Harrison Ford often doesnt talk much about Blade Runner.

This may be something that not should be filed under “Blade Runner News” but since it’s a somewhat unique movie I thought it might be of interest.