“Blade Runner – The Final Cut” Trailer is here

Im proud to post the trailer for the new “Blade Runner – The Final cut” here, a brand new trailer with some new scenes added. The trailer was aired during the AFI (American Film Institute) 3 hour special at CBS in USA on the 20’th of June 2007

You can download the “Blade Runner – The Final Cut” trailer from :
Sendspace, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
Speedyshare.com, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
Megaupload, size 15,2Mb (Resolution: 768×320)
I re-encoded the trailer to Xvid which made the file a bit smaller without any major loss of quality.
Download, size 8,92Mb (Xvid Format, Resolution: 768×320)
Source: Thanks to Jimmy Mack & Movie-List Forums