Blade Runner turns 25

Im not sure if anyone knows about this but in the 25’th of June, 1982 a movie entitled Blade Runner started it’s run in the cinemas in the USA (along with among others Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl).
In other words, It’s the official 25’th anniversary of Blade Runner since this was the date it premiered on. A big Happy Birthday from this website’s owner to everyone whom was involved and are involved in keeping Blade Runner alive and we should remember that 2007 is the year that we will see the release of Blade Runner on both DVD, Blueray & HD-DVD
So, how the heck should one celebrate ??
Well, the Blade Runner’ish way to celebrate is to have a slice of Steve McGarry’s Spinner cake. More info on both the coolest cake ever & Steve McGarry can be found in the Fancreations section if you click on Steve

Congratulations to Blade Runner (and to Steve McGarry whom created the cool spinner cake)

Also, be sure you dont miss the updated coloured version of Hal Pehlich’s artwork also to be found in the Fancreations.
Source: Internet Movie Database, Hal Pehlich, Steve McGarry