New Blade Runner Soundtrack ?

Now.. This is some very good news
Frederick Rousseau, a Sound Engineer whom have been involved in many of Vangelis albums (assistant producer on Vangelis “Alexander” soundtrack among many others) mentions this in his blog

Just finish the “BLADE RUNNER” Version 2 project with VANGELIS ….. Three months of works including restoring tape process and new mixes with the last Euphonix Serie 5 desk. This Project brings back a lot of memories to Vangelis from that laps of time. During the last weeks we found a lot of unreleased cues and musics composed for the film and never used in it…. ( Interesting moment of discovery … )
Blade Runner released date: October 2007

Seems like 2007 will be the year of an updated release of the Blade Runner soundtrack too.. Good news indeed !
Source: & Frederick Rousseau Official Weblog