About the "New Blade Runner Soundtrack"

It seems like the news about the so-called “New Blade Runner Sountrack” have started some discussions online about what this finally turn out to be. I’d like to point anyone whom want to keep up and know more about this towards Elsewhere which is a great Vangelis website and a site which should be considered as a very good source when you want to keep track of any news on Vangelis productions…
As of now, it seems like it will be a new Vangelis release with Blade Runner inspired stuff, that’s about what’s known about the productuion right now. The Elsewhere website says that

Things have not been finalized. The content, or the format it will be released in may still change or has yet to be decided. There is also – at this point – no schedule for its release.

So, When more news about this is released, you’ll find it here.. As of now, not much is actually known about what actually will be released besides that it has something to do with Blade Runner (which to me is very promising).
Source: Elsewhere