Exclusive interview with Sir Scott in UK Total Film Summer 2007

UK Total Film interviewed Sir Ridley Scott in their latest edition, here are the Blade Runner bits..

TF : What’s the latest with the Blade Runner Special Edition
RS : It’s finished. a five disc set in a Deckard briefcase comes out in the autumn. We’ve got a reconformed, state of the art digital print, which we haven’t really had for about 15 years. It’ll probably be shown at the Venice Film Festival.

TF : Have any new sequences been shot ?
RS : Not really: we’ve gone back into the original negative, taken some stuff out and popped stuff back in. There’s a littlle bit that’s new, but generally it pretty much stands up.

TF : We hear you’ve touched up the scene where Joanna Cassidy gets retitred …
RS : Originally it was a stunt girl because they didn’t want Joanna running through fake plate glass. I didn’t want her to get hurt so I got a stunt person to do it. We figured today you could remove that stunt gal’s face easy and replace it with Joanna’s, so they did it against a greenscreen. We’ve just improved that little bit.

TF : Has Harrison Ford contributed anything ?
RS : Harrison’s fully onboard; he’s already done his interviews. Everyone’s been interviewed, which is nice. It’s nice that everyone’s still alive!

Sounds very good, right ?.. Still no official news from Warner Bros. on any special package thou but it seems like the now removed ezydvd packaging is what we will get and what we are waiting for.. More about that can be found in last months news in the archive
Source: oscar_merkx at hometheaterforum.com