The artist behind..

Alan Daniels blade runner 1 poster Most of the Blade Runner posters which you can find in the Art Gallery on this website are very beutiful, but strangely almost no one seems to know whom the artists behid these images are. One of the artists behind one of the posters are Alan Daniels, He’s the illustrator behind the “blade runner 1 poster” (The name of the poster according to his post in the guestbook). I’ve wrote him an email with some questions about the poster, I’ll update this newsbyte when I get his reply. To see more artwork from Alan Daniels, then visit Daniels and Daniels Illustration
If You have information on the artists behind any of the other Blade Runner posters or maybe You’ve done some Blade Runner artwork Yourself and want to see it posted here, then drop me an email

Source: The Los Angeles, 2019 Guestbook, Daniels and Daniels Illustration