The Blade Runner Soundtrack petition

I’ve started an campaign to get a new and more complete edition of Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack released. Please check out the local petition page for information on the how and why’s and then feel free to sign the petition.
The petition was started 11’th of March and so far more then 400 people have signed the petition. The more people that sign the petition, the bigger impact this campaign will do on the people behind the Blade Runner soundtrack. The chance of seeing a new Blade Runner soundtrack released is quite small, but since 2002 is the 20’th anniversary of Blade Runner (with a special edition DVD in the works) this would be the perfect time to release a new and more complete version of the soundtrack.
I would also like to thank all people whom has signed the petition and other websites which has supported this campaign. If you run a website and want to support the campaign, please check the local petition page out.