Three sets of Blade Runner & pushed back release and coverart

The spanish website reports that there will be no less then three editions of Blade Runner released. Thanks to Ibai Ramos for the english translation

Update: Finally, there’ll be tree editions for the 25th Anniversary edition of Blade Runner on DVD: a two disk special edition, a four disk collectors edition and a five disc definitive edition that will be packaged on an impresive suitcase containing exclusive gifts (the HD DVD and Blu-ray editions most be added to this ones also)
The release date, originally scheduled for October 2007, seems to get a delay to December 2007. We offer you, for the first time ever, the design of the packaging of the three editions.

All this information is as of yet not official in anyway (Warner Bros. will make statements during this weekend at ComicCon and as soon as I hear any news, you’ll find it here) but according to the releasedate (Spanish territory only ?) has been pushed forward from October to December 2007.
They also have a picture of the three sets, it seems like the double disc “Final Cut” (The new cut) will have cover art from artist Drew Struzan unlike the other sets.

Source:, ZONADVD.COM and Ibai Ramos