Upcomming screenings in US

The Digital Bits have found the schedule for the upcomming screenings of Blade Runner: The Final Cut at The official FC website. I just visited and found nothing (It’s a very hard site to browse around in IMHO). Some of the screenings are expected to be in 2K resolution digital projection where available, information on where you can catch such a screening is to be found below.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut Cinema Screenings – USA
Date Location
10/26 Seattle (Cinerama, Seattle – 35mm)
Washington D.C. (Uptown, D.C. – 35mm)
Portland (Cinema 21, Portland – 35mm)
Salt Lake (Gateway Megaplex, SLC – Digital)
11/2 Chicago (Music Box, Chicago – 35mm)
Santa Barbara (Arlington, Santa Barbara – Digital)
Baltimore (Landmark Harbor East, Baltimore – Digital)
11/9 Boston (Coolidge Corner, Brookline – 35mm)
11/16 Detroit (Main Art, Detroit – 35mm)
11/18 Austin (Paramount, Austin – 35mm)
11/30 San Francisco (Embarcadero, San Francisco – 35mm)
Dallas (The Inwood, Dallas – 35mm)
Minneapolis (Uptown, Minneapolis – 35mm)
12/7 Denver (The Landmark @ Greenwood Village – Digital)
Philadelphia (The Ritz 5, Philadelphia – 35mm)
12/25 Boston (The Brattle, Cambridge – 35mm)
1/2’08 Austin (The Paramount, Austin – 35mm)
1/4’08 Nashville (The Belcourt, Nashville – 35mm)
1/18’08 Durham (Carolina, Durham – 35mm)
2/1’08 Columbus (Drexel Gateway, Columbus – 35mm)
2/15’08 San Francisco (Castro, San Francisco – 35mm)
2/29’08 Sacramento (Crest, Sacramento – 35mm)

For new dates or changes, visit The official website or check the local listings.
Source: The Digital Bits