Want some Blade Runner Origami ??

I found in one of the threads while I was browsing around over at the Blade Runner Props forum and after ordering and receiving a set of Blade Runner origami (which I think was all very well made) I’d came to think that there must be others out there whom would like to know of this and maybe get their own origami set.

I ordered a set from Blade Runner Origami by Gaff and the set consists of the origami chicken, origami unicorn and also the little happy man that Gaff makes out of what I think is a match. The cost for all these items where $20.

I should point out that I am not involved in making or selling these items so I can not answer any questions you might have about them but I can say that I think they are very well made and Im very happy to have added them to my Blade Runner collection
So, for more information on these lovely origami items visit Blade Runner Origami by Gaff
Source: Blade Runner Props